Typemaster aims to produce refined mechanical keyboards with timeless designs and innovative technologies, for a perfect typing experience.

Thanks to the revolutionary use of magnets, you can now open and close your keyboard, and switch your plate, in just a few seconds.

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Unboxing and Sound Test

You can check out our first video showing the final prototype in action

The 180

Our very first mechanical keyboard, the 180 (Series 1 ; 80 keys), is adopting a 75% layout with a 7.7° typing angle.

With an 6063 aluminum body and a 904L stainless steel weight and plate, the keyboard weight around 2,6 kg / 5,7 lbs once it’s fully construct.

The 180 is simple and elegant in design, it is composed of only 4 parts :

A top part, through which your keycaps will pass, a bottom part that meets the top part when you close the case, a weight passing through the bottom part of the keyboard, and a plate for the installation of your mechanical switches.


We only use premium materials in Typemaster keyboards. For our first group buy, you will find 6063 Aluminum and 904L Stainless Steel.

Each of our keyboards adopts a clean, seamless and screwless design, a cross between retro and modern. For more convenience, each of our keyboards closes magnetically, through the use of 16 magnets.

Thanks to the neodymium magnets, the strongest magnets on the market, we guarantee that your case will not open by itself when you lift or carry it.

The design of our Series 1 adopts the use of two distinct colors between the upper and lower parts of the keyboard. The lower part joins the upper part thanks to a rounded shape, allowing you to enjoy its unique color without having to turn your keyboard over.


All Typemaster keyboards are equipped with insulation using new generation materials. Thanks to the use of 16 gel pads, you benefit from unparalleled writing comfort and acoustic insulation.

Notches are machined in our plates so that the gel present on the lower part of the case fits perfectly into it. Thanks to these notches, placing the plate before closing the keyboard becomes a simple operation.

The first property of this gel is the absorption of vibrations. Most of the vibrations that are emitted when you type on the keyboard are not transmitted to the case, which does not become a resonance chamber. The sound that comes out of the keyboard when you use it is therefore pure, and without any resonance or noise.

The second property of the gel is the ability to absorb pressure as it contracts, giving you a flex and typing comfort never before achieved, even if you are using a stainless steel or brass plate. Once the keystroke is made, the gel returns to its initial shape, without wearing out over time, due to its fantastic properties.

In addition to the use of gel pads, each keyboard rests on 4 large 3M branded feet, improving acoustic insulation, overall flex, and damping of your keystrokes.

We have also chosen to use larger than usual feet to protect the back of your keyboard, which is no longer in contact with your desk or deskmat. This way, you avoid accidental scratches by moving your keyboard during use.


Electronics is an important part when it comes to creating a keyboard that will last over time. For this reason, all Typemaster PCBs are created using the best materials available on the market.

The FR4 material used withstands TG 170-180 heating temperatures. The copper layer is doubled compared to a standard PCB to 2 oz. The gold immersion plating is also doubled to 2U/inch, providing long-lasting corrosion protection.

Finally, we only use quality electronic components from world-renowned brands such as Samsung or Panasonic.

Each Typemaster keyboard offers a USB-C connection, thanks to the use of a Unified daughterboard (by ai03). This offers you ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection, an overcurrent protection, an overvoltage protection, and a noise shielding.

All Typemaster PCBs supports QMK Firmware, and VIA software.

Why no hot-swap PCB? We are convinced that the keyboard you use should not limit you in your choice of layouts or switches you want to use. In creating a plate and PCB that gives you choice, we don't want to limit you by offering a PCB that only works with certain types of switches, and for a particular layout.

However, we are sure you will appreciate being able to switch plates quickly, giving you the possibility to use several different types of switches, keycaps, or layouts over the time.

Available Colors

Here are the colors we will propose for sale :