Official statement about our starting mistakes

The Typemaster project had a very different start than we imagined.

Due to several errors of judgement, hot reactions, and poor English skills on our part when it came to expressing finer and more detailed opinions, our communication was very poor.

There was also a misunderstanding on our part about what the community was expecting about the presentation of a new project.

For us, we have always considered our previous projects to be "alive". That is to say, nothing is ever set in stone in our minds.

This important point was not clearly communicated by us: many members of the community considered the first renderings we posted as "final", and had an unpleasant feeling about it.

We deeply apologize for this.

Furthermore, we have developed the bad habit over time of dealing with legal issues at the end of a project, when it becomes truly "final".

It seems that this bad habit has been to our disadvantage this time.

In the future, all our communication will only be through posts on our website.


All the elements that have been a problem for the community have been reworked:

- The keyboard has been strongly redesigned to make it unique: the edges on the side now match the general angle of the keyboard, and the whole front part has been changed to match the back part.

Many other small design elements have been modified and adapted.

The general shape of the keyboard is now much rounder, giving it an attractive and unique visual appearance.

However, some elements had to be kept for technical considerations, which we will come back to later.

- The logo has been redesigned by us, making it this time absolutely unique, while keeping the "Typemaster" spirit we wanted to give it.

We hope that you will disregard these difficult beginnings, and that you will continue to communicate with us so that we can continue to improve the Typemaster project.

Keep in mind that nothing is set in stone, and that we will listen carefully to your opinions!