Typemaster 180 Extra Plate


You can add extra plates to your order here.

Please choose the material you want in the drop-down option.

If you choose Aluminum, the plate will be anodized in black. If you choose Brass or Stainless steel, the plate will be brushed. If you choose PC, the plate will be transparent black.

Note: Plastic based plates (POM and PC) has not been tested by the Typemaster team. While it should be resistant enough to pressure while you dismount the keyboard, please keep in mind you order them at your own risk.

However, we'll try the plastic based plates before going into mass production, and we'll refund you if we find a certain material not usable.

The Typemaster 180 plates supports :

  • Easy centering system with integrated notches
  • MX and ALPS switches
  • Stepped and normal caps lock
  • Splitted or normal backspace
  • 2 Bottom Row Layouts :
    • 1.25U + 1.25U + 1.25U + 6.25U + 1.25U + 1.25U
    • 1.5U + 1U + 1.5U + 7U + 1.5U

Note: Even if ALPS compatibility should be good on paper, it has not been tested by the Typemaster team yet. Only MX stabilizers are supported on this plate.

Estimated shipping time for orders is August / September 2021. Please keep in mind this is a rough estimate.

The MoQ for each of the plate materials is 25 pieces.

Shipping will be done from France. We ship worldwide.

You can request for a refund of your order until the 11th April 2021 at 7:00 PM UTC+1. However, we will deduct services fees of 3,8% of the total amount you purchased.

After the 11th April 2021, all the sales will be final. From this date, we will NOT accept returns, refunds or replacements under ANY circumstances.

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