Typemaster 180 Mechanical Keyboard


This is the first group buy of the Typemaster 180 mechanical keyboard kit.

You can take a look at photos of our last prototype on the main page of this website.

What's in the package :

  • Top Piece in anodized Aluminum 6063
  • Bottom Piece in anodized Aluminum 6063
  • Weight in Polished Stainless Steel or anodized Aluminum 6063, depending of your option choice
  • One plate in  anodized Aluminum 6063
  • One high-quality Typemaster 80-A PCB
  • One high-quality USB-C Daughterboard with JST cable
  • Premium Typemaster box

All Typemaster 180 kits will be delivered "ready to build". This means the magnets, gel pads and feet will be placed on the body for you, before delivery.

Please choose the Weight material you want in the drop-down option.

Please choose the Color scheme you want before adding to the cart. The Plate will be anodized to the same color of the Bottom Piece.

Note: the Black "Noir Basalte" is not a true black, nor a "navy" color. It has a slight blue tint in it you should see in a strong light only.

If you choose the Aluminum weight, it will be anodized with the same color as the Top Piece of your keyboard. If you choose the Stainless Steel weight, it will be mirror polished.

Click here to learn more about the included plate, or to order extras.

Click here to learn more about the included PCB, or to order extras.

This is a custom keyboard kit. It does NOT include stabilizers, switches or keycaps.

Estimated shipping time for orders is August / September 2021. Please keep in mind this is a rough estimate.

Shipping will be done from France. We ship worldwide.

The MoQ for this keyboard kit is 100 pieces. Keyboard kit cap is 250 pieces.

You can request for a refund of your order until the 11th April 2021 at 7:00 PM UTC+1. However, we will deduct services fees of 3,8% of the total amount you purchased.

After the 11th April 2021, all the sales will be final. From this date, we will NOT accept returns, refunds or replacements under ANY circumstances.

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